Although B&W's Zeppelin is a great way to listen to the audio on your iDevice while charging its battery, it can only dock one at a time. JVC has announced a sleek new speaker dock that can accommodate both an iPad and an iPhone/iPod at the same time.

JVC's new 11.41 x 7.34 x 6.1-inch (290 x 186.5 x 155 mm) UX-VJ3 features two separate, wall-mountable, full range labyrinth-type speakers that can be positioned by the user, have a total output of 30 watts with a frequency range of between 73Hz and 18kHz and 10 percent total harmonic distortion.

The support at the rear is angled slightly back, onto which a landscape-oriented iPad leans while docked. It rests on the left of a full-width LED illuminated base, on an included height adjustment spacer if needed. To the right are the playback controls, an LCD display for the clock/alarm or included AM/FM radio and the dock for the iPhone/iPod - which can be rotated for either landscape or portrait viewing.

Users can enhance the audio by activating the four-band EQ, surround sound mode or bass boost, there's a video out from the dock so that iDevice content can be viewed on a television and non-Apple device audio can be fed into the system via an aux input. Rather oddly for an Apple-centric speaker system, the mini-USB input is only compatible with a Windows-based computer system.

The JVC UX-VJ3 will be available shortly for US$199.95.

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