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Kalorik's high-tech, double-barrelled wine cooler

Kalorik's high-tech, double-ba...
Kalorik Wine Cooler
Kalorik Wine Cooler
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Kalorik Wine Cooler
Kalorik Wine Cooler

March 18, 2009 Even if you’re a wine buff, this wine cooler with an in-built microprocessor might still surprise you. The Kalorik Wine Cooler is programmed to maintain the ideal drinking temperature for two bottles of wine, and gauges the temperature of the wine itself, not the bottle. It has an LCD and screen and wireless links to two temperature probes inserted into the bottles. This cool device is both stylish and smart.

Kalorik are known mostly in Europe for their array of kitchen appliances and it’s easy to see that when they do things, even if it’s a blender, it’s done with style. The Kalorik Wine Cooler has a Perfect-Temp system and two wireless probes that are inserted into the bottles that seal them and gauge their temperatures even when you take them away from the cooler.

There are presets for either red, rosé, white or sparkling wine with recommended temperatures, although there is a manual mode to set your own preferences. Different settings can be changed for either bottle, or one bottle can be chilled at a time. The temperature is displayed on the unit even if the bottles are not in the wine bar (via wireless link) and there is an alert when the ideal temperature falls out of range (in Fahrenheit or Celsius). The lights will indicate when they’re not ready (red) and when they’re at the perfect temperature (green). It also has a quick ‘ice chill mode’ for champagne.

Retail price is USD$199.99.

Jamilah Le

Via Kalorik via Dvice.

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