Do you know one of those people who are constantly checking their work emails on their smartphone, even when they’re supposed to be relaxing on a camping trip? Well, this might be the perfect thing for them, should they wish to take that type of behavior to the extreme – it’s the KANZ Field Power Desk, and it’s probably the closest thing you’ll find to an office in the woods.

First off, this thing is probably intended more for people like scientists, surveyors or soldiers than for workaholics.

It’s built on the platform of KANZ’s existing Outdoors Field Kitchen, which combines a camp stove, food preparation surface, and utensil storage drawers. Instead of kitchen supplies, though, the base 120 model of the Field Power Desk features things like a 240Wh lithium-iron power pack, a 20-watt mono-crystalline solar panel, a device-charging drawer with 12-volt and 5-volt outlets, a flexible desktop light, and – of course – room for a laptop.

The fancier 240 model includes two power packs and two solar panels. Each panel is capable of fully charging one of the power packs within six hours, as long as the sun is shining. Both versions also feature a cabinet made from Baltic birch and marine-grade aluminum panels, detachable legs, and a heavy-duty dustproof fiberglass front panel that closes over the desk when it’s not in use.

The 120 weighs 37 pounds (17 kg) and sells for US$1,995. The 55-pound (25-kg) 240 will set you back $2,495.

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