South Korean carmaker Kia has debuted a new sleek and powerful-looking concept car at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show. The Novo takes a fastback coupé style that looks almost futuristic, and while many concepts are blue-sky exercises, Kia insists the Novo gives "clear hints" about its future designs.

According to Kia, the Novo is named after the Latin notion of making something new and fresh. Its design certainly feels like a departure from traditional Kia styling, characterized by a low profile, a solid, wide stance and thick, bold design features.

There is only a short overhang at the front of the vehicle, with a longer one at the rear. The Novo has both a large flattened nose and rear, to which the roofline curves down. Kia says this gives it a "raked sporty look." Both the laser headlights and taillights take a slightly elongated horizontal form, contributing to the design.

Inside, Kia has gone for a minimalist approach that it says is designed to provide a "sanctuary" for urban drivers. Leather and aluminum highlights abound, as do a wealth of high-tech features.

The instruments are shown on a three-dimensional holographic display in front of the driver. A "blind control" touchpad next to the steering wheel, meanwhile, provides a means of controlling the car's functions without the driver needing to look away from the road.

The touchpad also has a fingerprint scanner that allows the car to be automatically configured based on the preferences of each different driver. A touchscreen on the dash also provides a means of viewing the vehicle's functionality.

The Novo is powered by a 1.6 l (0.35 gal) "Kappa" turbo GDi engine and has seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. It sits on what Kia calls adaptive concave profile tires, which are designed to clear excess road water away from the wheels for greater grip using a sunken middle channel.

Source: Kia

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