Kodak has announced the upcoming release of a brand new point-and-shoot instant print digital camera called the Printomatic. Designed for simplicity, the bare-bones snapper prints out photos on no-ink Zink photo paper, just like 2015's eerily similar Polaroid Snap model in fact. But Kodak's version does come in cheaper.

The similarities between the now aging Snap and the new instant print camera is likely down to a company called C+A Global, which produces the Printomatic under license and also happens to work with Polaroid. Kodak's low-frills model rocks a Snap-like 10 megapixel image sensor and shoves out printed snaps from the side of its boxy gray or yellow body.

These instant memories use Kodak's own flavor of Zink 2 x 3-inch photo paper, which is tear- and water-resistant and comes already backed with adhesive for sticking in old-school scrap books or on course work folders. Snappers also get a choice of either full color or black & white photo modes.

The Printomatic has a built-in Li-ion battery (no word on expected battery life), includes a flash that will automatically fire in low light situations, features a fixed 8 mm lens and there's a microSD card slot for expandable storage. It doesn't have the view-before-you-print capabilities of the Snap Touch, but was designed for simplicity and comes in at less than half the price of Polaroid's display panel-packing instant print shooter.

Kodak's Printomatic camera will go on sale later this month for US$69.99, including a 10-pack of Zink photo papers. Photo paper refills in packs of 20 or 50 are available separately. C+A Global has stated that this Kodak model is the first of a new line up, with new products being added over the next few months and beyond.

Source: Kodak