Nearly 3 years ago, we told you about a system from the UK's Porter & Davies that helped drummers feel the low end thunder they were kicking out by shaking the very stool they sat on. Now the company has extended the technology to other members of the band with the launch of the KT Platform Tactile Monitor, which is said to transmit sound to the player by kinetic transfer, promising that you will "literally feel it in your bones."

Rather than just hearing a performance through in-ear or stage edge monitors, the KT Platform is reported to physically transfer all the notes and harmonics, not just the bass thump, up through a player's body via bone conduction. Aimed at bass players, DJs, guitarists, stand-up keyboard players and percussionists, it's claimed completely lag-free and musicians can opt to monitor the whole band or single out an individual instrument.

The KT Platform is set for release at the end of January, but players will also need to plump for one of the company's amplified tactile generator monitor systems before they can feel the music. A Platform and Gigster engine bundle will cost £1,240 ($1,880), while choosing to pair the Platform with either a BC2 or BC2rm will see the price rise to £1,490 ($2,250).

Visitors to the NAMM show next week can head to the company's booth and see (and feel) the system in action.

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