Adventurous types in the digital age need storage that's as rugged and tough as they are. LaCie's says that its appropriately-named XtremKey rugged flash memory will provide the kind of industrial-strength protection that stands up to all sorts of punishment. Resistant to pressure, water, high drops, and extreme hot and cold the drive comes in capacity sizes up to 64GB.

Should you find yourself in the unlikely position where a 10-ton truck threatens to crush your data then LaCie says XtremKey owners needn't panic. The Flash drive's 2mm thick zamac (that's zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper) pipe shell should be tough enough to keep the data inside out of harm's way. LaCie says that the drive is also watertight up to 328 feet, resistant to a drop of over 16 feet and will continue to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from a chilly -50°C to a blistering + 200°C.

All that butch, rugged protection doesn't come at the expense of portability though, the 2.9 x 0.9 inch drive comes with its own cable ring and designer Constance Guisset has even included an element of fun into the proceedings. When placed on a desktop, the XtremKey "even shows some playful personality with a perfectly balanced wobble effect."

The XtremKey rugged flash drive will be available from August, prices start at US$49.99 for an 8GB variety and run up to US$249.99 for the 64GB version.

The following "Stop Thief!" video shows off most of the drive's capabilities:

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