Using a touchscreen in wintertime or on the ski slopes is annoying because screens are designed to work with bare fingers. True, there are numerous gloves available that work with screens, so you don’t freeze your fingers while surfing the internet, but they tend to look like cheap woolly things. Now Mujjo, the Dutch designer label for mobile accessories, has developed leather touchscreen gloves, so you don’t have to choose between style and frostbite.

The gloves, which Mujjo claims work with almost any touchscreen, integrate nanotechnology into the leather to give it the same conductive qualities as human skin. Exactly what this technology is, Mujjo won’t say, but it does mean that the gloves can be made out of “the finest Ethiopian lambskin” lined with wool and still work with a touchscreen. The leather retains its proper texture and suppleness, is water and windproof and has antimicrobial properties. The nanotechnology is spread over the entire surface of the glove, so any part it, such as the palm, can be used to operate a screen.

The gloves come in four unisex sizes (7.5, 8, 8.5 and 9), but they don’t come cheap. A pair will set you back €129.95 (US$169.74).

Source: Mujjo via Born Rich

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