Leica has announced a new mirrorless APS-C camera with the launch of its Leica TL. A follow-up to the Leica T, the new camera offers a modest upgrade over the original with features such as a bigger internal memory and improved autofocus. The camera is once again machined from a single block of aluminum, and retains the stylish looks which have inspired others.

Many of the specifications of the Leica TL are the same as the Leica T, which we took for a spin back in 2014. It still rocks a 16-megapixel APS-C (23.6 x 15.7 mm) CMOS sensor, and an ISO range of 100 to 12,500. Its top speed is pegged at a familiar 5 fps (frames per second) for 12 shots, and video recording is limited to Full HD 1080p at 30 fps, which all feels decidedly less impressive now than it did in 2014.

What has changed is the internal storage, which has doubled in size from 16 GB to 32 GB, and is now even more useful for those times you forget an SD memory card, which the TL also takes. Autofocus performance of the contrast-based system is also said to have improved, with Leica stating that this is particularly the case in AF-C mode.

The TL is also said to offer optimized compatibility with lenses from other camera systems. The L-Bayonet mount, which is shared by the Leica TL and SL cameras, means that any L-Lenses (including those with OIS) can be used without an adapter on the Leica TL. Leica R-System lenses can also be used in combination with the R-Adapter L.

As with the original Leica T, the TL will again feature a body which is machined from a single block of aluminum, and there's a large 3.7-in touchscreen display with 1.3 million dots on the rear. An optional add-on electronic viewfinder will be available for those who don't like shooting with a rear monitor, and can connect to the camera's hot-shoe. The TL will come in three color options, silver, black, and titanium, with the titanium option also being distinguished by a bevelled edge detail to the top and bottom plates.

Built-in Wi-Fi is still on hand for sharing content quickly, and a new Leica TL app for iOS and Android devices will be available with the release of the camera. It will include a remote shooting function with live view and control of shutter speed and aperture settings.

The Leica TL is due to be available from mid-November priced at around US$1,695 body-only.

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