Anyone who watched the Country Music Awards this past week may have noticed some interesting lighting in the audience. Thanks to some small RF-controlled LEDs called PIXLs, fans became part of the show when the wearables were illuminated based on the user's support for vets or their military status.

Hurdl is looking to change up the event-going experience by turning fans into real-time illuminated communities. The wristworn LEDs can be made to display up to 16 million different colors depending on certain user characteristics, such as gender, birthdays, and relationship status.

The experience begins with fans firing off an activation SMS after receiving their PIXL, and then receiving a series of questions particular to that event in response. Their answers to these questions are then stored in Hurdl's database and used by the event organizers to light up single fans or entire groups throughout the show as they see fit.

This was demonstrated at the Country Music Awards by illuminating veterans, but other examples include lighting up fans who love a particular song, a certain sports team or have a certain relationship status.

The front part of the PIXLs can easily be twisted off and is recyclable, similar to the 3D glasses handed out at movie theaters.

Hurdl said it developed the PIXL device to shake up what it categorizes as "the multi-billion dollar live event industry, which hasn't seen innovation in 30+ years." With one event under its belt, it's too soon to say if it has accomplished this, but it will be interesting to see where PIXLs will show up next.

Source: Hurdl

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