US-based action video bloggers, security specialists and teleconferencers take note – a new camera is on its way, that was designed with people like you in mind. Liquid Image's Ego LS is able to stream live over the Verizon 4G LTE network, including Verizon's new high-capacity XLTE service, which offers double the bandwidth of regular 4G LTE.

Revealed this week at CES 2015, the Ego LS can be mounted on oneself or something else, and shoots either 1080p/30fps or 720p/60fps video via a 1/3.2-inch 8MP CMOS sensor and a 145-degree fixed-focus lens.

Along with being able to stream video and audio (in WQVGA/30fps format) direct to 4G LTE, it can also stream via Wi-Fi, or record onto a Micro SD/SDXC card – a 64 GB card should be able to hold approximately 600 minutes of 1080p video or 29,000 still images.

The Ego LS can additionally stream metadata including biometrics and geolocation from peripheral devices linked to it via Bluetooth or low-frequency RF. It can also be remotely-controlled using an app on an iOS or Android mobile device, or using a dedicated remote.

One charge of its battery should be good for two hours of offline use, or one hour when streaming. It does come with an AC adapter, so it can alternately be run indefinitely off of mains power.

The Ego LS should start shipping within the first quarter of this year, priced at an estimated US$400. Models designed for use with networks in other countries are expected to follow in the second and third quarters.

Source: Liquid Image

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