There’s no arguing that Apple’s Wireless Keyboard is a slim and sexy piece of kit – as far as keyboards go anyway. However, its svelte, bag friendly dimensions come at the cost of a numerical keypad. While such an omission is fine for some, it’s no good for the likes of accountants, mathematicians, numerologists and statisticians who are better served by the old USB extended keyboard. But it looks like even these users will be able to enjoy freedom from wires with the LMP Bluetooth Keypad.

There’s no mistaking the numerical keypad as an intended partner for Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with its brushed aluminum finish, white keys and ability to slot onto Apple’s keyboard by way of a special connector. The integration goes so far as to include a power button on the right hand side that, when pressed, triggers the Apple keyboard’s power button – a separate smaller button turns the keypad itself on or off.

It is powered by two AA batteries and along with the full complement of number keys in the familiar layout, the 28-key keypad also adds five extra function buttons, page up and down buttons and navigation shortcut buttons.

The LMP Keypad has just been cleared by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There’s no word on pricing or availability as yet.

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