Loba House, by Chile's Pezo von Ellrichshausen, is the kind of project that will probably only appeal to hardcore enthusiasts of unfinished concrete. Described as "more than a hut, but less than a house" by the firm, the compact dwelling overlooks the ocean in a Chilean nature reserve.

Loba House brings to mind Casa Brutale and doesn't really look like a house at all from afar, but could be mistaken for a wall. The home is topped by a rooftop terrace with a chimney and stepped seating area.

It's currently used as a vacation home and measures 70 sq m (753 sq ft). The interior consists of one large open space broken up by columns, and is spread over six stepped platforms which rise in height along with the hillside. It includes a living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and a main bedroom. Integrated shelving and storage help maintain the minimalist look.

Additionally, large horizontal concrete beams located near the ceiling are accessed by ladder and contain a small secondary bedroom and a desk area. There are very few windows in the home, though glass doors and skylights increase the amount of light inside.

The home wasn't yet fully furnished when the photos were taken recently but even so, we can't see any amount of furniture softening the overall look of the unfinished concrete, which will make this one a love-it-or-hate-it kind of deal for most.

Those in the former camp will probably find a lot to like in the MeMo House and Konieczny's Ark too.

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