Repeatedly typing out addresses to share via email can be time-consuming, especially if they are written in a foreign language. A new service wants to make the need to type out addresses a thing of the past. LocName allows users to create a URL for an address that can then be easily shared.

LocName is short for "Location Name." It aims to simplify our communication of place locations by applying a short, reusable URL to them, where relevant information about the place is stored. Visitors to the URL will see the written address, an embedded Google map of its location, a description and image of the location and contact information. It's also possible to print a QR code for the location and to check-in.

In addition to using LocName URLs to share location information about a place, the service's iOS/Android mobile app can also be used to navigate to a registered location. Like other navigation apps, the LocName app will locate an individual using GPS and then provide directions to the desired location. Users can also share their own GPS position with others and have the app provide directions.

In order to create a LocName URL for an address, users must first register with the service. It is then possible to register different places using the service and to add places to a list of favorites. An API is also offered, which allows e-commerce websites to capture the locations of customers for use when delivering goods.

Users can sign up to LocName by inputting their details or using their Facebook account. Creating a new place, meanwhile, can be done using GPS data, typing in location and name, longitude and latitude coordinates or by pasting a Google Maps URL. The service is still in beta and is working out some bugs here and there, but I found it simple enough to use and having place location info stored in one place that can easily shared via URL has definite time-saving potential.

The video below provides an introduction to LocName.

Source: LocName