Logitech's gaming arm has introduced two new gaming keyboards today, both debut the company's new low-profile Romer GL Switches that are half the height of standard mechanical key switches and 25 percent faster.

Those switches are available in three options – GL Linear, GL Tactile and CL Clicky – designed to suit individual playing preferences. The Linear flavor is reported to offer a smooth keystroke, the tactile provides a gentle bump for those who prefer to feel the stroke, while the Clicky adds sound and tactile feedback.

The G915 LightSpeed is a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, and the G815 LightSync is a wired version. The G915 offers a wireless report rate of 1 ms and up to 135 days of 8-hours-per-day continuous gaming before the batteries need some attention. The G815 comes with a USB cable for connection to a computer's USB 2.0 passthrough port for power.

Both keyboards are just 22-mm (0.86-in) high, feature five programmable G keys for custom macro sequences and commands, there's storage space for up to five profiles, and LightSync RGB lighting technology caters for colorful personalization using Logitech software.

The G915 is priced at US$249.99, while the G815 comes in at $199.99.

Source: Logitech

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