Laptops might have gotten smaller and more powerful but, aside from the weight reduction, they haven’t really improved in terms of comfort while they're actually being used in one's lap. Devices like Logitech’s Comfort Lapdesk address this problem by providing a padded barrier separating a user’s legs from the often hot underside of the laptop. Now, Logitech’s new Speaker Lapdesk N700 has taken the basic Comfort Lapdesk, added a fan to keep your laptop running cool and integrated some high quality speakers to give your laptop some audio oomph.

With their usually less than stellar inbuilt speakers, most people using a laptop as a desktop replacement supplement them with some kind of desktop speaker system. That’s all well and good when using the laptop at the desk, but who can be bothered unplugging them and throwing them in a laptop bag when heading out? That’s where the Lapdesk N700 comes in handy. It offers two built-in 2W high-definition speakers with 2-inch high-performance neodymium drivers.

The speakers are positioned on either side of the top of the N700, which is designed to fit laptops with screen sizes up to 16 inches, and although a 17-incher would probably fit on its surface it would cover up the speakers and muffle the sound. The N700 offers volume and mute controls and, since a single USB connection is responsible for powering the unit and delivering the audio signal, there’s no need for an extra 3.5mm cable.

The foldable desk is able to keep a laptop in place at an angle of up to 50°. Its heat-shielding design helps keep laptop heat off your legs, while a quiet, (31dbA), fan circulates air under your computer. A grill protects the fan from dust and damage, and rear and bottom air intakes ensure steady, unobstructed airflow.

Although the Lapdesk N700 is sure to appeal to anyone who finds themselves watching a lot of videos while on the go, we can’t help feeling it would be even better if the unit was powered by its own rechargeable battery instead of draining the laptop’s energy via USB. However, there is an on/off switch for the fan to help cut power usage.

The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 doesn’t require any software to install and is available now for US$79.99.

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