Using a computer mouse day after day can be a bit cramp-inducing, so to help take the strain off Logitech is launching the MX Ergo, its first trackball in years. The device has been refined from previous models for extra comfort, including a hinge to adjust its angle.

As its name suggests, the Ergo is made to be ergonomic, with Logitech saying it has been sculpted to fully support the user's palm and fingers. Combined with a soft rubber layer on the top, the device can apparently reduce muscular strain by 20 percent, compared to a regular old computer mouse.

Apart from its general shape, that comfort comes from the fact that the Ergo itself stays still on the desk: users just twiddle the trackball with their thumb to move the cursor on the screen. There's an adjustable metal hinge underneath too, which allows users to either leave the device flat on the surface or prop it up on a 20-degree angle.

Alongside the standard left and right mouse buttons, the Ergo's scroll wheel also acts as a middle click for shortcuts, and can be nudged to the sides to allow for side-to-side scrolling. Pressing the precision button on the side of the device allows users to quickly adjust the cursor speed and sensitivity.

The Ergo connects to Windows or Mac devices via Bluetooth, and to save users pairing and re-pairing it between several regularly-used devices, it's compatible with Logitech Easy-Switch. This system means that it can be paired with two devices at once, and switching between them is done on the fly by pressing a button on the middle of the Ergo.

Battery life is reportedly four months on a full charge, and it can be quickly recharged: Logitech says that plugging it in for one minute tops up the battery enough for a full day's use.

The MX Ergo is available now for US$99.99. Logitech outlines its features in the video below.

Source: Logitech

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