May 17, 2009 Unfortunately, all babies are not created equal when it comes to sleeping. While one child will contentedly drop off to sleep, another will only visit the Land of Nod after interminable minutes of rocking. The Lolaloo is a clever, German-designed, rocking device that, with bit of luck, helps put baby to sleep.

The Lolaloo is a battery-powered rocking aid that attaches to a pram or stroller. Designed to gently and noiselessly rock baby from side-to-side, it simply attaches to a pram using two Velcro straps. The speed of movement can also be altered depending on what works for the baby – slow rock or hard rock?

The Lolaloo uses a rechargeable battery, which lasts between two and four hours. If your baby is particularly restless, you can also convert a regular cot into a swinging cradle with the addition of four BRIO bed rockers and the Lolaloo.

The Lolaloo is only available to buy or rent in Germany, but if it takes off perhaps it will become more widely available. It retails for EUR129 (about USD$175). It might seem pricey but if it helps stressed-out, time-poor parents get some "me" time, the investment is bound to be worth it.

Jude Garvey

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