Visitors to this year's London Design Festival will have the opportunity to see the largest GRID installation in the world – a modular cubic construction system that's used to create versatile structures. The installation will act as a façade and will wrap around an existing screen of trees and bushes.

Designed by Satellite Architects in partnership with Icons of Denmark and commissioned by designjunction, the structure will be located around the outside of Cubitt House in the King's Cross area of London. The building will house the designjunction trade destination for the festival, which will include an "Immersed in Design" themed program of exhibitions, installations, retail experiences, events and workshops.

"The façade is intended to reflect the temporary nature of designjunction as an exhibition, and the developing surroundings, combining the natural and artificial elements," explains founding director of Satellite Architects Stewart Dodd. "The arrangement of the pixels directs visitors to the entrances where reflective elements multiply the structural presence of the façade."

The structure will measure 70-m (230-ft) long by 7-m (23-ft) high and will comprise over 4,000 of the 40 x 40 x 40-cm (15.7 x 15.7 x 15.7-in) GRID modules. It will be built up around the existing trees and bushes, with onlookers able to see glimpses through the modules and rising above the structure.

A variety of components can be added to the lightweight nylon frames, to make wall displays, podiums and artistic installations. In London, a number of panels will be set into the modules and orientated to reflect or show off the foliage beyond. They will also gradually change from black at the bottom of the structure to white at the top, with the aim of creating a pixelated effect.

The GRID installation will be on display at the London Design Festival's designjunction show from September 22 to 25.

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