A smartphone or laptop may be an easy way to view content in multiple formats or participate in a video call when you're by yourself, but sharing anything with more than two people becomes a less-than-ideal experience. A new device called Loop is out to change that.

Loop is a multi-media device that features a 9.7 inch HD screen with 1024 x 768 resolution, stereo-quality speakers and an accompanying iOS- and Android-compatible app that gives users the ability to share content and video chat between multiple family members and friends; all using voice, gesture or old-school knob control.

Designed to easily set up and connect to your home's Wi-Fi in minutes, multiple Loop devices can be connected in a home or across the country, allowing users to create private and public channels to determine what gets shared with whom. This includes content streamed from YouTube channels or original content from GoPro footage that can be accessed anytime.

Developed by California Labs, a company started by former staff from LeapFrog and Words with Friends, Loop is relatively compact, weighing in at two pounds and a little over 9 in (23 cm) wide by 7 in (18 cm) tall.

Loop is available for purchase online now for a limited time starting at US$199 for a single unit, $179 each for two units and $149 each for a set of three or more units. California Labs said it will ship Loop in both the US and internationally, with initial delivery in time for the holidays.

Source: Loop

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