We've seen attempts to improve the visibility of hand-signals, but Boston-based startup Lumos wants cyclists to use their heads when it comes to indicating turns. The company's high-tech bicycle helmet incorporates indicators, high-visibility LED lights and an automated brake light system in an effort to raise the bar on road safety.

Like the Torch T1, the bare-bones concept of this project is a bicycle helmet with lights, but Lumos founders Eu-wen Ding and Jeff Chen have taken things to the next level by putting the focus is on rider visibility and safety. Their prototype has an automated brake light which connects to an onboard accelerometer to alert drivers of your intent.

In addition, the helmet displays turn indicators on each side, which can be operated remotely from wireless transmitters on your handlebars. The switch on the handlebars illuminates and gives off a sound when the indicators are active, so the cyclist can avoid misleading signals.

The helmet and indicator controls are water resistant enough to get you home in the rain, and the helmet is powered by a 100 mAh battery that charges off a micro USB port in about 2.5 hours, so there’s no need for battery changes. According to the company, one charge should get you through a week if you use the helmet for 30 minutes each day.

Lumos says the helmet crash safety certification (CSPC in the United State and EN1078 in Europe) and it’s also a pretty smart looking lid – safety’s public image has certainly come a long way since the big foam buckets of the '80s.

The company is looking to bring the Lumos to market on the back of a Kickstarter campaign which has already well exceeded the goal of $125,000 on day one. Production is slated to commence in January 2016 and deliveries should get underway in April if all goes to plan. The retail price is projected to be around the $170 mark.

The Lumos' Kickstarter pitch can be seen below.

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