Remember when backpacks were just used for, you know … carrying your stuff around? Well, the Lumzag has quite a few extra features – it even has a rearview camera.

Featuring Italian leather sides and straps with a carbon fiber rear shell, the Lumzag has a 19-liter interior capacity, a removable 10,000-mAh power bank (so it can be taken through airport security), plus it wirelessly communicates with an iOS/Android app on its user's smartphone. That app does several things.

For one, it utilizes Bluetooth to notify users if they wander too far away from the backpack, or if a would-be thief opens it when they've left it unattended. Should said thief take off with the pack, the app can be used to track its whereabouts via an integrated GPS module.

Additionally, as the user loads their usual stuff into the pack, the app keeps track of the various items using included tags that are attached to them. If the user forgets to throw in something that they usually take with them, the app lets them know. And yes, the app also displays a live feed from the pack's rearview HD camera – potentially a handy feature if the phone is mounted on the user's handlebars as they're cycling.

Other features include an interior LED light strip that automatically comes on to let the user see what's inside the pack when opening it in the dark; the ability to wirelessly charge smartphones, tablets or other compatible electronic devices; and a built-in SIM card that allows the pack to serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Optional extras include a wireless charging pad that the pack can be placed on to charge its power bank, an additional 10,000-mAh power bank, a back-mounted solar panel, and a wallet-specific tracking card that serves the same purpose as the tags.

If you're interested, the Lumzag is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, where a pledge of $269 will get you a backpack if all goes according to plans – the estimated retail price is $518. For lower pledges, backers can get a smaller-capacity crossbody bag or messenger bag, with the same technical features as the backpack.

The Lumzag is demonstrated in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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