Apple kills the cat; announces Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple kills the cat; announces...
Apple announces Mac OS X Mavericks
Apple announces Mac OS X Mavericks
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Apple announces Mac OS X Mavericks (Image: Shutterstock)
Apple announces Mac OS X Mavericks (Image: Shutterstock)
Apple announces Mac OS X Mavericks
Apple announces Mac OS X Mavericks

Turns out curiosity didn't kill the cat: Apple did. The company announced Mavericks, the version 10.9 of its desktop operating system OS X, at the keynote of its Worldwide Developers Conference today. Headline features include the additions of Maps and iBooks for Mac, improved calendar and notifications, and tabbed finder windows.

Apple has also added the ability to tag files providing another option for finding them by search at a later date. Apple has hinted at improved support for multiple displayers, so come Maverick's release, full-screen mode shouldn't eat your secondary display. The dock will also spontaneously appear on whichever screen is active.

OS X Mavericks includes support for Flyover and directions, and will integrate nicely with the mobile app, allowing users to send directions to their iPhones, for instance.

Mavericks also boasts new behind-the-scenes functions. App Nap and Timer Coalescing channel system power and CPU grunt where it's most needed.

Apple his binned the big cat nomenclature for this release, which brings OS X spiritually closer to its iOS mobile operating system. Subsequent releases will supposedly be named after places in California, but time may yet confirm whether our suspicion that Apple will actually uses characters from the movie Top Gun is correct (yes, albeit with an s on the end).

Apple will release Mavericks at some point this Northern Hemisphere fall.

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Robert McNamara
I think the name is more to do with the famous surfer destination Mavericks off of California...hence the picture of a big wave in the background. We could be in for some oddly named iterations.