Apple’s MacBook Pro is a modern computing design classic, but if you find yourself tiring of its industrial looks, then the MacBook Wood Keyboard by Rawbkny may be of interest. It’s essentially a retrofit kit which modifies the look and feel of Apple’s pro-notebook using either bamboo or rosewood keys.

The concept of adding an organic feel to Apple’s keyboard design brings to mind Robbie Tilton’s mossy keyboard. However, unlike Tilton’s prototype, the MacBook Wood Keyboard doesn’t actually replace the chiclet keys, but instead sits atop the originals, with each key simply affixed to the original, like a sticker, in what looks to be a rather time-consuming process.

Despite the additional height of the Mac’s keys, Rawbkny states that its wooden add-ons won’t damage or mark the screen (though a particularly dusty screen may show a faint imprint), as a very small but sufficient space remains between screen and keys.

The MacBook Wood Keyboard is manufactured from a slice of rosewood or bamboo by laser, and the process etches the usual additional keyboard symbols onto the key face, in addition to allowing the Caps Lock light to shine through.

As of writing, we're still waiting on Rawbkny to confirm whether or not the MacBook Pro's keyboard backlight will continue to function with the new wooden keys in place.

The MacBook Wood Keyboard is compatible with all Unibody MacBook Pro models (including Retina), and will set you back US$40.

Product page: Rawbkny via Design Milk

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