The morning coffee is a ritual that fuels workers the world over. But what happens when, in a moment of pre-caffeine incoordination, you knock over your piping-hot cup of joe? Not only have you wasted your precious brew, but also possibly scalded yourself or inflicted irreparable damage to a keyboard or other device. The Magicup is a spill-proof cup designed to make such scenarios a thing of the past.

After paying a hipster barista through the nose for your soy double caramel macchiato, there's nothing worse than losing the best of its flavour to the cheap, plastic lid that comes on your disposable cup and resembles a toddlers sippy cup. Companies like Viora have attempted to tackle the problem by redesigning the lid, and now the UK-based Magicup team is throwing its design in the ring.

As well as keeping your keyboard and crotch safe from spills, Magicup has been designed to make drinking your morning coffee a more enjoyable experience. For one, you're not forced to search for the tiny opening you drink through on the coffee-shop lids. Instead, the Magicup features a lid that your brew flows through from any angle of attack just like a regular open-top cup.

And thanks to a self-closing valve that snaps shut in 0.15 seconds to retain at least 95 percent of the cup's contents, you won't be left all wet if the cup happens to take a tumble. The cup is also designed to keep liquids contained without splashing on the bumpiest of commutes.

While we might eat and drink through our mouths, the Magicup team points out that up to 80 percent of what we taste is experienced through our nose. Thanks to its new lid design, the Magicup allows coffee aficionados to fully enjoy the aroma, and therefore the taste, of their morning brew.

The Magicup team says their cup is also far more environmentally friendly than disposable cups. It's made up of BPA-free polypropylene and can be washed in the dishwasher, which means that you're not throwing non-biodegradable plastic lids into the bin every time you consume your coffee. And just like a traditional thermos, the Magicup is double walled to keep your coffee warm for up to 40 minutes without being too hot to handle.

Measuring 178 mm (7 in) high and with a capacity of 470 ml (16 oz), the Magicup comes in a wide range of colors and retails for £19.95 (US$31).

A video comparing the spillage resulting from various different cups including the Magicup can be viewed below.

Source: Magicup

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