The Magnetic Suspension Device – for all your home levitation needs

The Magnetic Suspension Device – for all your home levitation needs
Use the force Lu.. ah, Magnetic Suspension Device
Use the force Lu.. ah, Magnetic Suspension Device
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Use the force Lu.. ah, Magnetic Suspension Device
Use the force Lu.. ah, Magnetic Suspension Device
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Ever wanted to levitate a can or bottle inside an illuminated ring? Of course you have. Well, this device from Chinavasion uses the force to do just that. Unfortunately it uses force of the magnetic variety and not the Jedi kind, but the snappily named Magnetic Suspension Device is sure to be a conversation starter nonetheless.

To get your object levitation-ready just attach the included magnet to the top, plug in the base and place it within the ring. Chinavasion only specifically mentions cans and bottles as levitation-worthy, but if you could find a way to attach the magnet attachment you could probably levitate just about anything weighing less than 300g – size permitting of course.

Chinavasion is touting the device as the perfect thing to impress the ladies. In a move we thought was mutually exclusive the company is pushing the device's geek cred by pointing out the fact that it looks like a Stargate – which is probably true, insomuch that pretty much anything ring shaped can be said to resemble a Stargate.

We also love the explanation of the physics behind the device. “Something about electric currents generate magnetic forces and there's an internal magnet inside...” Thank you professor.

Science aside, there’s no doubt this baby looks pretty cool and is sure to appeal to pubs, clubs and soft drink producers looking for an extra edge to attract the attention of consumers.

The Magnetic Suspension Device has a diameter of 28.3cm (11-inches) and is 8.5cm (3.3-inches) thick. It is available from Chinavasion now from US$55.

Via 7 Gadgets.

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Fabian Rousset
Ok, now make that a dock for the iPhone, that has speakers, and charges the phone and now you have a product.
What is the power consumption of this gimmick electromagnet? How much will it interfere with my cellphone reception?
Actually there is a more advance design, with only a flat bottom and nothing at the top, and can float an object with a \"special\" magnet inside. I have a floating globe like that on my desk and it is so cool to look at. And the object spins too. I tried to convince the manufacturer to make a flying UFO, but he insisted that I placed a large order before he will do that.
I saw something like this as an EE major at Rice Institute in Physics 100 in the fall of 1948. A much more interesting suspension is the \"acoustic suspension\" developed by Dr. Delmar Bose of Bose audio fame. Come on in to the 21st century, folks.
Chris Hogan
Love the scientific explanation. Perfect case of a PR person putting a line in that someone was meant to flesh out later, before release, that\'s my guess. Excellent.
Graig Smith
wow. lets just waste energy here so we can float our soda can 3 inches off the table.
Christoffer Sperling
I bought it! Don\'t make the same mistake as me.. There\'s a magnet on top, and it\'ll illuminate the levitating object. Of course the description is right, you can indeed make thing levitate. That is, if you: Can place it with still hands with a precision of millimeters. Find a heavy enough object, which still fit the inside of the ring. It\'s a scam, sure it\'s possible to make something levitate, but it\'s as close to impossible as it gets. However, that said, their other products aren\'t half bad :) I bought a green 200mW laser, it works like a charm, and it\'s cheap :D
Sorry, this won\'t deal with all my home levitation needs. I don\'t need to levitate 300 gram items. I need to levitate large furniture items and gently push them out to the truck. Email me when you have an article about something that will REALLY deal with my home levitation needs. Henry