Drilling multiple holes to hang cabinets, shelves, and the like can be a real hassle – doubly so if you decide the mirror looks better on the other wall after all. Italy's Ronda Design has developed a range of magnetic interior design accessories that can be moved around as you wish, by simply snapping them into place.

We're taking a look at the Magnetika Bathroom range here, but the same firm has also released magnetic interior accessories for the lounge, office, kitchen, and elsewhere in the home. They all work in the same way and require that before you get started, you affix a metal panel onto the area of your wall that you wish to hang stuff on.

Once the metal panel is in place, you can then attach and move around magnetic accessories like mirrors, towel rails, and toilet roll dispensers with ease. The firm's mirror can be used as a surface for attaching the accessories too, and while Ronda Design doesn't give a maximum weight limit, it does mention that 5 kg (11 lb) is achievable.

Ronda Design says that none of its accessories will interfere with pacemakers or watches thanks to shielding, nor will they move position over time. The magnets are simply prized off by hand when one wishes to move them around.

The Magnetika Bathroom panels are available in multiple finishes and sizes, while the magnetic accessories themselves come in white or ice (which sound rather similar to us), with optional grey walnut insert.

Panel prices start at €51 (US$55) and rise to €390 ($425), depending on size, while the accessories will set you back between €61 ($66) and €179 ($195). Availability is slated as around 5 weeks from the time of the order.

Source: Ronda Design

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