Marc Fornes-led firm TheVeryMany was required to employ a few clever techniques to shoehorn a light-filled 340 sq m (3,659 sq ft) four-bedroom luxury home into a challenging plot in Strasbourg, France. Dubbed MaHouse, the home was completed in January, 2015.

Comprising three stacked and misaligned volumes, each sporting a green roof, MaHouse was constructed over three years in a narrow plot in Strasbourg's center. It's no super-skinny Imai House by any means, but for an architect-designed luxury home, the situation was far from ideal.

TheVeryMany maxed out the zoning envelope to the legal limit to make it work. The firm even went so far as to calculate the minimum achievable clearance height of the owners' cars in the underground garage to maximize space in the house (presumably there isn't much chance of them swapping their Mini for a Hummer).

MaHouse's three volumes feature the master bedroom suite on the uppermost floor, while three bedrooms, plus a playroom are located on the middle floor. Most of the shared spaces, including kitchen, lounge, and dining area are based on the ground floor.

In a fun touch that's sure to cause some bruises and scraped knees, to get from the playroom to the kitchen the kids in the house can make use of a narrow slide integrated into the eye-catching long staircase.

Since MaHouse is overlooked by several other properties and bordered by an alleyway, TheVeryMany sought to maximize natural light by lining the staircase with Reglit Glass, which obscures the view from prying eyes. The glass also glows pleasantly like a lantern at night.

Source: TheVeryMany

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