Maingear's new All-in-One packs high-end desktop components into a attractive looking machine with an expansive, curved WQHD panel up front. It's a highly-customizable set up that's designed to provide the convenience of an All-in-One, without the compromises usually associated with the form factor.

If the idea of a gaming All-in-One sounds a little ridiculous to you, you're certainly not alone. Such machines, wherein the motherboard and components – the CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. – are integrated into a single, display-packing unit, are routinely underpowered, using mobile graphics cards and generally lacking the punch required for any kind of serious gaming.

Maingear is on a mission to challenge that perception with the Alpha 34. There are a wide range of configuration options on offer from the company, but at its limit the machine can be equipped with an Extreme edition Intel Core i7 processor, a choice of AMD Radeon R9 390X or Nvidia GeForce Titan X graphics, as well as up to 32 GB of RAM, and 4 TB of SSD storage.

If you're at all familiar with current PC components, you'll know that those specs should equate to some impressive gaming performance.

What's more impressive is that the Alpha 34 manages to pack all that capable hardware into an attractive, slick-looking chassis, and one that puts a 34-inch 3,840 x 1,440 curved display up front. It's also liquid cooled, meaning system noise should be minimum, and Maingear is using standard desktop components here, allowing for upgrades after the point of sale.

As you might expect, this all comes at a fairly hefty cost. Available now through Maingear's website, the machine starts at US$1,999, but you can easily pay triple that figure if you're looking to equip it with top-tier components.

Source: Maingear

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