Mazda has provided a bit of a surprise at the Geneva Motor Show with the unveiling of its new HAZUMI concept. This latest sub-compact from the Japanese manufacturer is reported to be the successor to the company’s highly rated “2” series hatchback.

The photos taken by Gizmag's C.C. Weiss show the HAZUMI concept running a very low stance with oversized tires and stylized wheels; a visual enhancement technique used at shows to fill up unsightly wheel openings and give the car a more aggressive, finished look. We’ll have to wait to see if a production model retains the show rims and lowered stance but the concept’s overall look is, needless to say, impressive.

The latest model to fall under the umbrella of Mazda’s new "Kodo” design language, the HAZUMI concept retains some features from the current 2 series, but is clearly following the evolutionary aesthetic influences of the new 6 and 3 series.

The concept’s nose features raking headlights similar to Infiniti’s new Q50, a track-racer spoiler lip, vertical running lights and Mazda’s now familiar grill treatment. I personally find the HAZUMI’s overall proportions, especially in the front overhang, far more appealing that those of Mazda’s 3-series.

Curvaceous, scalloped design details flow nicely off the concept’s forward regions and hoodline, over the tightly finished cabin space, through the fluid waistline, finishing out nicely on the stubby, rakish rear end. Even though the concept is a 5-door hatchback, without looking carefully, it comes across as a 3-door hot hatch upon first glance.

Details are scant, but according to Mazda the HAZUMI concept will incorporate SkyActiv Technology, the Proactive Safety system and the company’s next-gen connectivity system Connect*2.

Also at the show, Mazda revealed a newly-developed 1.5 liter clean diesel engine. Named the SKYACTIV-D 1.5, the engine is similar and smaller than the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 available in the CX-5 Crossover, but is reported to be highly efficient and clean-burning. However, we'll have to wait for output and performance for both the new 1.5 liter engine and the HAZUMI concept.

Source: Mazda

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