April 17, 2009 For many years now the Formula 1 industry has championed the use of carbon fiber as a superior material for creating a competitive edge. With the current buzz surrounding the Moto GP and the Ducati carbon-framed Desmosedici GP9, it seems only timely that two other Italian companies should unveil the world's first carbon fiber encased wristwatch, the Quattro Valvole CCM.

Italian watchmaker Meccaniche Veloci and Brembo, supplier of high performance brake discs, have banded together to create the unique timepiece. Building on the already established Quattro Valvore series of watches, the two companies reportedly spent four years researching and developing the watch. The watch is made from carbon ceramic – which is the material Brembo uses to manufacture its high-tech brakes – using the same process as competition specific pistons. Made up of short carbon fibers, phenolic resin and silicon, the end result is 30% lighter than cast iron. Due to the structure of the material, only a limited number can be produced in a month, with each Brembo disc yielding just seven pieces.

The Quattro Valvole series of watches takes its name from the four valves that Ferrari used in its 1984 model 308 GTS and lovers of racing will not be disappointed with the aesthetics on display here. Featured are four separate faces, each with independent Swiss mechanical movements, available, of course, in a choice of the Brembo colours of red, black, yellow and silver.

Due to the carbon ceramic materials used, the finished product looks to be a light, strong, stylish addition to the wrist. And when people say, “time is money”, these watchmakers are not kidding. One of these luxe statement pieces will set the wearer back a cool USD$15,500.

The Quattro Valvole CCM carbon fiber encased watches are being distributed through select retailers and more information can be found at the Mecchaniche Veloci website.

Mick Webb

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