Got a piano sitting in your house gathering dust because no one will come around and join you in a good old-fashioned sing-along? Why not give it a new lease on life by converting it into something that’s sure to get some use, like a TV cabinet? That’s just what German company Craft Line has done with its Mediano, a white upright piano that has had all its musical innards removed to make way for an LCD TV that slides out of the top of the piano at a push of a button on a remote control.

Removing the piano’s insides means you’ll no longer be able to entertain guests with your rendition of chopsticks, but you'll still be able to bring a tear to their eye when you reveal your new piece of furniture. Doing away with the piano’s steel strings and felt-covered hammers also leaves plenty of room in the lower part of the piano for other multimedia components, such as DVD recorders or games consoles.

It looks like Craft Line will make furniture to individual specifications, so anyone after some musically themed furniture might want to get the company to finish the job by replacing the piano keys with an electronic keyboard so you can at least pretend to have some taste.

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