Should a woman wish to know if she's ovulating, she can find out by checking a sample of her saliva for what's known as luteinizing hormone. Although there are already kits that allow users to check samples "the old-fashioned way," me.mum reportedly lets them do it quicker and easier – on their smartphone.

The hardware end of me.mum consists of a case that goes over the phone, and a lipstick-tube-shaped applicator that magnetically mounts on that case, over the phone's camera.

The user launches the me.mum app, then uses her finger to smear a drop of her saliva across the Petri dish built into the top of the applicator. Once that sample dries, any luteinizing hormone present in it will be optically detected, and the user will be alerted that she's in the fertile phase of her cycle.

Using machine learning, it's also possible for the app to predict when those phases will occur, based on the dates and results of past tests.

me.mum was presented last week at CES 2018, and should be available within six months priced between US$89 and $99.

Source: me.mum via IEEE Spectrum