May 1, 2009 Metal Storm's MAUL ultra-light shotgun attachment has joined the company’s 3GL grenade launcher in achieving certification for safe shoulder-firing. MAUL, which stands for Multishot Accessory Underbarrel Launcher, mounts under the barrel of a combat weapon including the M-4 and M-16 rifles and is capable of firing a range of lethal and non lethal munitions using the company's computer-controlled, electronic ignition system.

Originally developed as a door-breaching weapon, the lightweight, carbon fiber and steel MAUL has no conventional mechanical action and operates over a wider range of climatic conditions compared with other 12 gauge guns according to Metal Storm.

The stacked round electronic firing system allows four shots to be simultaneously loaded into the MAUL's single chamber.

Shoulder firing the MAUL

During the successful design verification testing, the MAUL was integrated onto an M4 rifle and shoulder fired using 12 gauge Blunt Impact rounds.

“We are pleased to have achieved all of our design objectives for the MAUL, especially the weight, which at 1.8 lbs is ten percent less than our original expectations, ” said General Manager for Metal Storm Incorporated (MSI), Peter D. Faulkner. Metal Storm will be making a formal product introduction at the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Joint Service and Small Arms Symposium and Exhibition in Las Vegas next month. There will be public live firings to demonstrate the effectiveness of the MAUL - stay tuned for updates.

David Greig

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