Computer mice have seen some crazy innovations over the years, like the tilting Z mouse, the Mouse-Box that crams a whole PC in your palm, or the levitating mouse from BAT. But, arguably, the basic design was perfected decades ago, and with that in mind Microsoft is now bringing back an updated version of its venerable IntelliMouse.

If you were working and/or gaming on a PC in the late 90s and early 2000s, you probably remember the old IntelliMouse. It popularized the scroll wheel and was the first commercial mouse to use an optical sensor instead of a trackball, plus its asymmetric form factor was designed to fit more comfortably in the hand for long periods of time.

Microsoft's refreshed Classic Intellimouse is based off the Intellimouse 3.0, the last model released in 2003, but with a few modern updates. The ergonomic shape stays the same, as does the wired USB connection and customizable buttons. Under the hood, the Omron switches are designed to give the main two buttons feel more responsive, while three Kailh switches have been added to the scroll wheel button and the two thumb buttons on the side to make them feel "snappy and crisp."

The tracking has been made more precise too, with a DPI range up to 3,200 and a report rate of 1,000 Hz, which is on the higher end of the sensitivity scale. The 2003 model was capped off with a distinct red tail light, but Microsoft has "modernized" that and made it glow white instead.

The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse is compatible with all main Windows versions since 7, but it won't be any good to you if you're running on Mac OS, iOS or Android devices. It's available now for US$39.99.

Check out Microsoft's Easter egg-filled, Rube Goldberg-styled video for the Classic IntelliMouse below.

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