The doors to the world's biggest consumer electronics show - IFA 2009 - opened to the press this morning and one of the first companies to showcase its latest wares was home appliance specialist Miele. Among the highlights was this very sensible hybrid compact vacuum cleaner based on the Miele S4 that, like your laptop, provides the flexibility of both mains power supply and a rechargeable battery. This system provides a cord-free solution for quick clean ups and also means that when you inevitably reach the end of your tether and pull the plug out, the vacuum automatically switches to battery mode and so can finish the job uninterrupted.

The lithium ion battery provides a maximum of 20 minutes of vacuum cleaning and recharges automatically when connected to a power outlet. In battery mode the vacuum operates at 600W compared to 1800W using mains supply.

In addition to the automatic switching feature the user can manually choose the power source at any time.

Featuring over 1100 exhibitors, IFA 2009 runs from September 4-9. Gizmag has a team on the ground to bring you the lates - stay tuned.

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