Mighty Vibe is a tiny, water- and shock-resistant music player that clips to your clothing while you exercise. Think of it as an iPod Shuffle for Spotify users – you fill it up with your playlists, then it streams to your wired or Bluetooth headphones for over five hours.

The Vibe is the latest-gen player from Mighty Audio, designed to keep your tunes handy when you want to leave your phone behind. It clips onto anything, weighs next to nothing at 0.6 ounces (17 g), and has enough built-in storage for more than 1000 songs.

Requiring Spotify Premium to use, the Vibe syncs music over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from your phone, so once it's loaded up you no longer need data connectivity to run it. That's handy if you're jumping on a plane, heading out for a run or hitting the gym.

The Vibe pairs with either Bluetooth headphones or wired ones, so you're clear to use it with all your current ear gear – you can even pair it with a Bluetooth Speaker if you like.

While not a massive functional upgrade over Mighty's previous models, the company says it's worked to make the latest iteration "more stable and smooth" in response to customer feedback. The Bluetooth system has been improved, with a better antenna and reworked software designed to give Bluetooth headphone users a smoother experience with a stronger signal. Some new colors have also been added to the mix, and the app is set for a refresh too.

The Mighty Vibe is available now for US$85.99.

Source: Mighty Vibe

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