Lockheed Martin successfully tests new long-range missile

Lockheed Martin successfully t...
The PrSM met all of its objectives
The PrSM met all of its objectives on its first flight test conducted this week
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The PrSM met all of its objectives
The PrSM met all of its objectives on its first flight test conducted this week

Lockheed Martin has completed a successful test of its Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) on the first go. Being developed for the US Army's PrSM program, the next-generation long-range missile was launched from the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico and achieved all objectives.

On December 10, 2019, a PrSM was launched from a Lockheed Martin High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launcher and flew downrange for 240 km (149 mi) to strike the target area, Meanwhile, engineers tracked its flight trajectory, range, accuracy, and general and software performance as they kept an eye not only on the missile but also its compatibility with the HIMARS launcher, which carries two missiles at a time.

Using a modular, open architecture designed and developed under a mandated accelerated timeline, the PrSM is designed to be compatible with the MLRS M270 and HIMARS family of launchers and their descendants. Its purpose is to provide Army field commanders at the brigade, division, corps, Army, theater, Joint and Coalition levels with a long-range precision strike capability, with its insensitive munition (IM) propulsion system giving a range in excess of 499 km (310 mi), which will be increased in future iterations.

"Today's success validates all of the hard work our PrSM team has put into the design and development of this missile," says Gaylia Campbell, vice president of Precision Fires and Combat Maneuver Systems at Lockheed Martin. "This test flight is the most recent success in a long line of product component and sub-component testing successes conducted as part of our proven development discipline to assure total mission success for our U.S. Army customer."

The video below introduces the PrSM.

PrSM test

Source: Lockheed Martin

Paris to London is less than 500 km. I wonder just what kind of war this is designed for.
Oh boy, ANOTHER long-range missile used to kill people and CONTROL other countries, to force them into giving up their natural resources to the good-old USA, OR ELSE!
El Nacho
This is good news for small countries who can ask the US for help in case another big country unilaterally intrudes into their 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zones, dredge up coral and create militarised artificial islands on reefs and shoals in international waters.
I'm getting BORED with every Lockheed Martin press release saying the same thing - "100% successful", "first test" etc etc - there is no chance whatsoever that any of that is actually true, which makes me wonder how much else of what they're saying is also totally bogus.