If you're planning to have more than one child, it’s good to know that designers are producing baby equipment that can evolve with the needs of a growing family. Mima’s Kobi is a stroller that has been designed with the family in mind. Not only is it stunningly stylish, it has a patented 'carrycot inside' system - allowing easy conversion from seat to carrycot, and back again.

The Kobi has a seat unit that is as simple to operate as a suitcase. You simply zip it open and inside you will find a frame with the carrycot attached. Then the carrycot pops out, and you can position baby comfortably for the next six to eight months. Once he/she is ready for a seat, you simply put the carrycot back into the seat. There is no need for separate storage. If you decide to have another child, you buy a second (empty) seat and house the new baby in the carrycot and your toddler in the seat. Kobi is designed to grow with your family – from baby – to baby and toddler – and finally two toddlers.

Kobi recently took out the innovation award in the stroller category at the Kind & Jugend fair in Cologne. According to Kind & Jugend, the jury of experts gave it the fitting description of “in a nutshell” and awarded it first prize.

Mima director, Davy Kho, said: “The response has been absolutely amazing. Completely mind-blowing. I think this was also due to the fact that nobody has ever heard about Mima, or ever seen our products. Nobody understood who Mima was, just coming out of the blue.”

Kho is a Dutch designer who is now based in Spain. His previous design company YTRA Design was responsible for the Bloom Fresco high chair, recently released in a limited edition fiery Ferrari red.

Kho intends to dedicate his time to his stroller project. He said: “We at Mima believe that all new products need to be totally different, and add something special, to justify their existence on the market.” He added, “In terms of design I think we have been able to innovate the stroller category. I especially wanted to get rid of the tacky look of the normal fabric stitched seat. I wanted to achieve the look of the interior of a nice car, with a sleek and clean looking seat.”

Unfortunately, you might have to wait a little before getting your hands on one of these.

Kho said: “At the moment we are working hard to get the products 100 percent perfect. We are targeting for availability in stores as of June/July 2010.”

Mima also plans to produce Xari, a single and more compact stroller that shares the same 'carrycot inside' system as the Kobi, perfect for one-child families. See MimaKids for more information.

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