Japanese company Sanyo Homes has introduced its MIRAI SANZO Android-based robot for the Japanese market. It connects to external networked devices, and allows them to be controlled via voice commands or remotely, through a smartphone. This is yet another device which proves that Google's Android OS has applications beyond its original smartphone purpose.

MIRAI SANZO's cartoon style of design leaves no doubt that this spherical smiling robot is meant for the Japanese market. The robot is part of Sanyo Homes' line of devices aimed at creating smart homes for "families of the future." It's WiFi-enabled, touchscreen- and voice-operated and rather small, at 22 cm (8.66 in) in diameter. Sanyo did not reveal which version of Android is used. Activation and deactivation of the unit is possible via touch sensors.

The robot connects to such devices as cell phones, computers, routers and access points; air conditioners; heating systems; intercom phones, house alarms, call buttons and electric locks, or AV power plugs.

Of course, these devices must be networked, so using MIRAI SANZO might necessitate the purchasing of more products from its makers.

The robot can perform tasks such as switching on and off the heating or AC, filling the tub with hot water, or sending a message to the user's cell phone when the fire alarm is triggered. It can also respond to inquiries in a spoken language (Japanese, of course), and glows in seven different colors, which represent its current status. It is available now in Japan.

Source: TechCrunch

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