Mobile guitarists looking for a way to power a small pedalboard with a portable battery pack can rejoice. Mission Engineering has launched what's claimed to be the world's first USB power converter, allowing noodlers to power up to five pedals from a battery block, phone charger or available laptop port.

One of the joys of playing an electric guitar is massaging the output through the use of effects pedals. From distortion and fuzz to tremolo, chorus and delay – experimenting can be great fun. Placing your favorite tone tweakers on a pedalboard is a good way to lug them around, but most supply bricks used to power multiple stomps require board placement near a wall outlet.

The 529 USB Power Converter can power up to four 9 V, 150 mA effects pedals and one high current 500 mA pedal. The 4.5 x 1.75 x 1 inch (114 x 44 x 25 mm) aluminum-housed unit comes with an AC adapter, but can also be used away from the wall outlet by cabling up to a battery block, car charging port or any USB charging port on a laptop that happens to be going spare.

If you don't have your own portable battery block, the Pro version of the 529 comes with a low profile 10,000 mAh Mission lithium battery for over 8 hours of play.

The Mission 529 is available from November 1, the standard unit is priced at US$149 while the Pro model comes in at $199.