Carrying spare tubes and extra clothes for cycling, transporting a laptop, books and files to the office and lugging camera gear ... those are just a few random examples of things that you might need a backpack for on any given day. Typically, you might need to get a separate backpack for each activity or series of activities, but Mission Workshop's Arkiv Field backpack utilizes modular compartments to transform into the pack you need every time. One backpack can take on limitless functions without compromise.

Customization begins at the point of purchase, as you'll select the specific components and accessories that you need to build your ideal backpack. Start off with your choice of a 1,250 cu in (16 L) or 2,500 cu in (36 L) main pack and then select storage add-ons like a laptop pouch and tool pocket. All components are weatherproof and attach to the main backpack via steel hardware. If you realize later that you need more room, you don't have to buy a new backpack; you can simply purchase an additional pouch or sleeve.

With a base price over US$200 and an average around $60 for storage add-ons, the Arkiv isn't the cheapest backpack out there. In fact, depending on how many add-ons you want, you may just save money by buying two separate backpacks. However, it's certainly a cool multifunctional backpack that offers you configurations for all kinds of hauling. It's also made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

The video below illustrates how many different ways you can equip yourself with this backpack.

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