Mitsubishi has launched Mirage G4 Night Drive, a dual-screen interactive test drive for its new 2017 Mirage G4. The experience meshes a smartphone and a desktop or notebook computer to highlight the car's features in a virtual test drive you can do from home.

Visitors to the website are presented with a short video introducing the video and given a link to be entered into the browser of a smartphone (or tablet). This allows the mobile device to take control the car displayed on the computer. But don't expect any Forza- or Gran Turismo-like action, with only the more perfunctory of control handed over to the driver.

Moving around the test track, the narrator points out features for the entry-level car and explains what to do next to keep the user moving through the test drive. Pressing the start button on the phone display or pulling the phone towards you to back up, for example.

And it appears pretty difficult to get into trouble – although a blatant tilt in the wrong direction on the radius turn section will result in a missed turn, moving or tilting the mobile device on the rearview camera and hill start assist sections doesn't seem to affect anything other than the "Personality Type" rating you receive at the end of the drive.

Regardless, it's an interesting exercise and doesn't require any downloads or plugins to use. It also includes a obligatory shareable aspect, with a GIF of drive highlights able to be exported to social media. Whether it translates into more sales of Mitsubishi's US$14,000, entry-level model, remains to be seen, however.