Wireless mice are great for users who don’t like a “tail” trailing from the mouse getting tangled up with all manner of objects sitting on a desk. The only real downside is the need to replace or recharge batteries when their power runs down. For users of Apple’s Magic Mouse who are tired of constantly swapping out dead batteries for new alkalines or fully charged rechargeables, Mobee Technology has unveiled its Magic Charger. Unveiled at IFA, the device charges wirelessly using the magic of induction technology to provide around six days of power under constant use.

The Magic Charger includes a 37g (1.3oz) battery pack that slots into the Magic Mouse’s battery compartment and an inductive charging base station. The base station is slightly larger than the Magic Mouse, measuring 118 x 65 x 9mm (4.64 x 2.55 x 0.35 in), while the battery pack weighs less than a pair of standard AA batteries resulting in a lighter mouse. The base station is powered by USB and features an LED light to indicate when it’s not charging (red), when it’s recharging the battery (flashing blue) and when the battery is fully charged (green). It will take six hours to fully charge the battery.

The Magic Charger is made from recyclable materials that complement the look and feel of the Magic Mouse with a white glossy plastic surface surrounded by aluminum trim.

Mobee is selling the Magic Charger for US$49.90, while a spare battery pack goes for $29.90.

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