If you wanted an automobile to drive over sand, dirt and rock, as well as pavement, you'd probably start and end your search at models with 4WD. So why shouldn't the same apply to your scooter selection? The eGroov scooter uses an all-wheel electric drive to keep you rolling forward and a modular hardware set to keep you comfortable.

If we were writing a list of "top vehicles we'd like to take off road," we think we'd run out of ink long before ever making it to "modestly powered electric scooter." But the minds behind Paris-based startup eGroov Mobility Systems think there's a place for a scooter that can go anywhere, over any type of terrain, with the quiet, peaceful operation that only an electric drive brings.

The eGroov reminds us a bit of the Daymak Beast without the suspension and solar power and with an extra electric motor over the standard model (Daymak does have a dual-motor model in the "Beast D"). The eGroov has a 250-watt motor in each wheel, providing all-wheel drive that helps it tackle pavement, dirt, and even sand and mud. Those massive tires are sure to help in those mixed environments.

The eGroov can be equipped with one or two 12 Ah, 36 V lithium-ion batteries for about 9 to 12 miles (15 to 20 km) of range with a single battery and about double that with two. Its top speed is 15 mph (25 km/h) in either case. With a payload capacity of more than 265 lb (120 kg), it can carry an average-sized person and all the cargo that rider could possibly expect to take on a scooter ride.

The single- or dual-battery pack is integrated under the floorboard, helping to keep a low center of gravity. The batteries can be removed for charging by lifting the floorboard or charged directly on the scooter. Charging takes five hours per battery.

The basic eGroov comes as a 120-lb (55-kg) stand-up scooter with the aforementioned power and performance specs, adjustable handlebars and dual disc brakes. The modular eGroov+ is more of a versatile workhorse, packaging the same mechanicals with a seat and cargo box. That box can be swapped out for other sold-separately accessories, including a child seat and a surfboard carrier. The eGroov+ has a listed weight of 144 lb (65 kg).

EGroov Mobility Systems is trying to raise money on Kickstarter, offering the standard eGroov at pledge levels starting at €1,690 (approx. US$1,925) and the eGroov+ (with seat and cargo box) starting at €2,190 ($2,490). The start-up estimates retail pricing at €2,190 and €2,590 ($2,490 and $2,950), respectively. Both Kickstarter pledge levels include a single battery, while a second battery can be added for €290 ($330). If all goes according to plan, eGroov will begin deliveries next year.

In the video below, the eGroov looks handy for very specific uses, like carrying a surfboard over a few miles of beach to your favorite break, but most of the footage leaves us thinking that it's too huge and heavy to be a versatile urban commuter and way too underpowered, rigid and slow to be a fun off-roader. Take a look at the footage and let us know: Does this 2WD electric scooter make your list of useful off-road/on-road mobility solutions, or does it leave you scratching your head?
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