The days of misplacing those little Bluetooth headsets may well be coming to an end. Having previously presented us with a Bluetooth enabled mouse and a headset that charges on a laptop, Newton Peripherals is releasing the MoGo Talk for iPhone - an uber-thin Bluetooth headset can conveniently be stored and charged on the back of an iPhone.

The tiny unit is a mere 5mm thin and weighs around 9g, making it the smallest of its kind for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

A protective case slides over a user's iPhone which the headset can then dock into, folding flat, secure and out of the way. The headset’s charging port is integrated into the case, enabling it to be charged along with the iPhone, conveniently ensuring ample power. A single charge offers up to one week in standby or up to four hours of talk time, with a range of up to 33ft.

Aiming to eliminate noise and wind interference the MoGo headset uses Newton Peripheral’s SoundShape noise blocking and SmartAudio processing.

Due to ship this month, the MoGostore, the MoGo Talk for iPhone Bluetooth Headset is retailing for USD$129.99.

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