Long after the rest of the world has moved on, Morgan is still staunchly standing by the old-fashioned way of doing things. The boutique manufacturer's cars combine modern powertrains with wood and aluminum chassis' and its latest creation is no different. The limited edition AR Plus 4 combines classic Morgan values with a motorsport inspired Cosworth motor to celebrate 65 years since the launch of the original Plus 4.

Hiding under the Morgan ARP4's long, vented bonnet is a naturally aspirated, Cosworth-fettled 2.0-liter Ford engine, which produces 225 hp (167 kW). That might not sound like an extreme amount in the age of sky-high power outputs and turbocharged torque figures, but it's worth bearing in mind the standard Plus 4 only weighs 877 kg (1933lb), and the AR Plus 4 shouldn't weigh much more than that.

So while it might not have a supercar-rivalling power figure, expect the limited-run Plus 4 to be properly brisk.

The ARP4's totally new rear suspension takes advantage of a five link design for sharper handling and, thanks to the removal of leaf springs, more legroom for passengers. Adjustable Spax dampers allow the driver to tailor the car's feel to how they plan on using it, while the uprated brakes hail from AR Motorsport.

The APR4's body might look familiar, but Morgan has fitted it with a number of small trim touches that set it apart from standard Plus 4s. Aluminum panels are left untrimmed and exposed inside, and a new dashboard design includes a 4.1 sound system with auxillary input. The Plus 4 might be based on a car from the record player's heyday, but has at least made some concession to the iPod generation.

Another touch of modernity can be found in the LED headlamps, and Morgan has also added extra soundproofing and improved vibration damping inside the cabin.

The Morgan AR Plus 4 made its debut the Silverstone Classic this weekend. Only 50 will be made and pricing is set at £54,995.

Source: Morgan

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