Shown this week at CTIA in New Orleans, the Moshi iGlaze with VersaCover is a new origami-style iPad case that combines the simplicity of an open and closed magnetic cover with an artful folding function that lets you prop up the tablet to view what’s on screen, and even type.

The product builds on Moshi’s existing iGlaze case. The earlier model is a clear, ultra-slim cover for the iPad that offers scratch resistance and a minimal form factor. The new iGlaze with VersaCover adds screen protection with a microfiber-lined cover, which features a built-in magnet that keeps the cover closed and also triggers the auto-wake and sleep functions of the iPad. The magnet additionally keeps the cover secured to the back of the device when in a user’s hands.

The Moshi iGlaze with VersaCover puts the iPad into sleep or auto-wake mode when the cover is opened and closed

While there are several microfiber, magnetic covers, the VersaCover stands out – or up – because it folds to prop up the tablet. Horizontal and diagonal folds work together to form a triangle that acts as an easel. The iPad stands up in both portrait and landscape positions to allow for different use situations – prop the iPad up in landscape to view video, and in portrait mode to read ebooks or other content. VersaCover can also be set at a greater angle to make it more comfortable to type using the soft keyboard.

Moshi already introduced the concerti case for iPad, a microfiber case with a magnetic closer. The concerti case holds the iPad in an envelope, and has a folding function to prop the iPad up in landscape view. The iGlaze with VersaCover is a simpler and more elegant solution.

The iGlaze with VersaCover is compatible with the new iPad and iPad 2. Two additional Moshi products introduced at CTIA this week include the iGlaze XT case for the new iPad and Xync. The iGlaze XT is a clear snap-on case that protects the new iPad without covering up the iPad design. The Xync is a retractable 30-pin/USB syncing and charging cable for Apple mobile devices.

Final details on price and availability are yet to be determined. The iGlaze with Versa Case is expected to be available toward the end of June for about US$60.

Source: Moshi

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