Flip cases are nice in that they offer a lot of protection, but they make it more difficult to access the phone. Moshi is aiming to rectify this problem with the introduction of its SenseCover case, which features a touch-sensitive strip that allows users to answer calls without having to flip the case open.

Moshi doesn't explain exactly how the case works, other than speaking about its "proprietary SensArray pads." It seems logical that it would use similar technology to that of touchscreen-compatible gloves, which transfer the electrical charge from your finger to the screen, making the device think you're touching it.

In addition to the touch sensor, a small window is also left uncovered, allowing users to see the time of day when the phone is inactive. Additionally, it also shows the name of the person calling, so users can decide whether to take the call or let it go to voicemail.

Outside of answering calls and checking the time, all other device functions will require the polycarbonate plastic and "hybrid leatherette" case to be opened.

The device is available directly from Moshi for US$45. The company is offering it in two colors, Steel Black and Brushed Titanium.

The video below shows the Moshi SenseCover in use.

Source: Moshi via Gizmodo

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