Last year we heard about the GRIT Freedom Chair, an off-road wheelchair that users propel using arm levers instead of hand rims on the wheels. While it's pretty neat, it isn't the first product of its kind. One of its predecessors is the British-made Mountain Trike, which is now available in two new models to accommodate riders with varying physical challenges.

First up is the MT Evo.

Like the original MT model, it features arm-pumped levers that deliver power to the wheels via a geared chain-drive transmission. This arrangement keeps users from getting wet, muddy or knuckle-skinned hands. The chair additionally includes features such as knobby tires, a Rock Shox air suspension system, and Avid hydraulic disc brakes.

Its big new feature, however, is a braking setup designed for riders with limited use of their hands. Whereas the MT utilizes bicycle-style brake levers that have to be squeezed, MT Evo users just pull their arms in – this causes the top part of the levers to pivot inwards, activating the brakes.

As with the MT, both left and right turns can be made with a single hand, using a steering mechanism installed on either of the levers.

Mountain Trike's other new model is the MT Push.

It still has the original's tires, suspension and brakes, but as its name implies, it's pushed by another person. That "pusher" steers and operates the brakes from an adjustable handlebar in the back, while the rider just sits back and hopes that they know what they're doing ... and yes, it has a seat belt.

The MT Evo is priced at UK £4,550 (about US$7,000), while the MT Push will cost you £3,295 ($5,070) – delivery outside the UK is extra.

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